Should we organize a neighborhood yard sale this spring?

89% (17 votes)
11% (2 votes)
Total votes: 19

Important update regarding the ponds

We had a visit with an engineer this week to conduct an inspection of the ponds and make recommendations for important maintenance. A few years ago another engineering firm inspected the ponds and provided their own study. This visit provides a second opinion as well as an update to see how the condition of the ponds and their dams have changed.

Last chance to pay yearly assessment

We extended the grace period this year for paying dues through February. Be sure to get your payment in now to avoid late fees. This notice is going out to everyone, so if you already paid, you don't have to worry.

2013 Annual Budget

This is the operating budget for the 2012 fiscal year. Those who have Microsoft Excel or an excel reader and want to play with the math can download the Excel version, everyone else will probably prefer the easy to read PDF version

Note about Dues

As you know, the amount for our annual dues has changed leading to quite a few questions. Most of those who contacted the board felt that they had no issue with the amount of the dues, but rather the lack of notification about the change. We apologize again for the mistake and lapse in communication. In speaking with people one on one, things have been very positive and we feel that those people's issues have been addressed to their satisfaction. Still, we want to be able to go over the budget, the dues, and any other issue with those that attend the annual meeting.

Posting to blogs, forums, etc fixed!

Why didn't you let us know they were broken? ;) Due to a permission problem, if you tried to add new content from the main menu such as a blog entry or a new forum topic, you could enter a title, but no body text. This led to some creative person to realize you could post a title without the text and then just add comments to your own post to get around the problem. So we didn't notice it wasn't working properly.


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