NOTICE: $100 fine for making architectural changes without prior approval

DATE: August 8, 2012
SUBJECT: Minimum $100 fine for making an architectural change without prior approval

NC DOT (Road/Culvert maintenance)

All roads and easements in McKenzie with the exception Duck landing are maintained by the state. You may need to provide the road number when calling. For example, Olde McKenzie Drive is SR 1269.

January 2013 Financial Report

The following report is approximately a 2mb download

Aqua will be flushing our water lines

You may notice the water running black or brown this week as Aqua flushes the water lines. If you see colored water running out of your tap, let it run for a few seconds until it runs clear. Test all the taps to clear them as well. If you have any issues, get out your bill and give Aqua a call.

Earth Day

In celebration of this wonderful day, please drop off any used household batteries and/or CFL's on our front porch (1424 Olde McKenzie Drive) by Friday, April 26, 2013.  I will dispose of these at the appropriate location.  Hoping for a GREEN neighborhood!

Happy Earth Day to you all!  

Melany Decker

We did not inherit the EARTH from our parents, we are simply borrowing it from our children!!!




Spring yard sale?

If you look to the right in the side column of this page, you will see a new poll asking if we should organize a neighborhood yard sale. We've had mixed results in the past, but a neighborhood yardsale is where anyone that is interested agrees to hold there sale on the same day. The HOA will help organize advertising, signs, balloons, etc to help drive traffic to our neighborhood. Each houshold will display their goods on their own property, or they can team up with a neighbor. The homes that participate, the more traffic will be generated through the neighborhood.


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