First blog post on the new Mckenzie Subdivision Website

I'm not sure where this might lead in the future, but I thought I might give the blogging thing a try. This won't be an official blog of the McKenzie Neighborhood, but just a place to put my thoughts about living in McKenzie and about life in general here in the Holly Springs / Fuquay-Varina area. We just started this new, and hopefully permanent, website with the domain.

New feature - added profile pane

now you can see who created content and if they are online

New feature - social network buttons

Here we go, more content! Pretty buttons. We now can see interesting content on the website and bookmark it, send it to facebook, "like it" on facebook, tweet it and more. Check out the bookmark bar at the top of most articles and items on this web site.

New Modules - Forward added

Users can now forward a particular article or web page via email. A new link at the bottom of each article shows the icon of an envelope and a message letting the reader know they can send the link via email.

What are the amenities in the neighborhood?

We have 2 ponds, the big pond and the little pond, a 1 acre undeveloped tract, and a large buffer zone and nature area at the north end of the neighborhood. See the downloads section for the neighborhood map for more information.

How do I find out about neighborhood events?

There are a few ways to find out about events. You can look at the top menus and click on the Events tab or you can navigate to the main home page and click on the picture of the calendar in the right sidebar. Remember to use the different views, "month", "day", "year", etc., to see the events in a format you like. You can subscribe to the newsletter as well to be notified of events through email. For special events like yard sales, picnics, cook outs, etc, there will be a prominent banner that appears on the main page just under the main menu so you can't miss it.


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