The McKenzie HOA Bylaws

Great Annual Meeting! Thanks to all who attended

Well, in my opinion and that from some of the early input from neighbors who have commented, it seems like the McKenzie Annual HOA meeting was a success. First of all, we have been operating without a voter approved budget for an unacceptable time up to now. We have had trouble getting enough participation and votes to get things officially sanctioned. This meeting was a pleasant change and as a result, we now have an approved budget.

Should we allow homeowner's to park boats on trailers in their driveways?

43% (17 votes)
38% (15 votes)
Only during summer months
20% (8 votes)
Total votes: 40

The beaver is gone

I am the resident who reported beaver damage to our poplar tree. I posted a comment on the website and received a response within hours from a Board member, Fred Decker. He contacted other Board members and they began to discuss the matter. Fred called and emailed me throughout the proceedings, keeping me in the loop about what was being discussed and what decisions the Board had made.

Beaver Damage Found Around the Big Pond

No, these aren't our trees, but an example of one of the types of damage that can occur from Beaver. A resident used our website to report damage to one of their prized poplar trees (a favorite food of Beaver). Be on the lookout for damage on your property or around the pond. Several saplings have been cut, leaving only the stumps. The HOA is working with residents to remove the Beaver before any more damage occurs.


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