Heavy Equipment Noise / Tree Felling on Western Border of McKenzie

Neighbors may have heard noises over the last few days from heavy equipment, including brush and tree clearing bobcats. As most of you know, the major north/south national gas pipeline runs underground along the boundary between McKenzie and Hopson Downs. A 25 foot boundary to either side of the pipeline must be maintained and this is routine mainenance that occurs every few years. The tree clearing will slightly affect the side of the protected floodplane on the Hopson Downs side.

Vandalism on Duck Landing

On Friday June 23, neighbors reported a house on Duck Landing had its driveway, yard and house egged. There was no damage. Again, keep an eye out for suspicious people out at night.

NOTICE: Heads-up on break-ins

The Wake County Sheriff reported to us today that the car break-ins like we have experienced have continued in Maggie Run. So far theives are breaking into vehicles that are left open and parked in the driveway and in one or two cases, the miscreants have entered a garage through an open side door and gotten into cars parked inside. The items stolen are usually cash and spare change. A wallet was stolen, perhaps for the cash or credit cards inside.

March 2012 Financial Report

Summer Concert Series


Another act of car vandalism on 5/17

Sometime during the evening or early morning of 5/17 a car parked in the driveway on McKenzie was hit by a paint bomb. Paint splattered on the car and the driveway. Please be alert to any suspicious activity in the neighborhood, especially on McKenzie drive and to automobiles. If anyone has any information, please send an email to board@mckenziehoa.org and call the wake county sheriff. Let's be aware on our walks and get the neighborhood watch on alert. We will be patrolling at random times late into the night.


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