A note about the increase in HOA dues for the coming year

The board has been struggling under the constraint of our extremely low HOA dues. There simply isn't enough money collected to cover our expenses. As most of you know, the dues were artificially low and have never been adjusted since the neighborhood was established. Most neighborhoods have a 5-7 percent cost of living increase automatically added to each years dues.

McKenzie Minute - September 2012 Newsletter

In this issue:

Please note that there is a Women's night this Friday (Sept. 21) and the Fall Festival is October 13 with a rain date of the 14th. Show your neighborhood support and have more fun than you thought you would by just showing up, even if just to say hello and say, "I came, happy now?". You get free food, it will make you smile, and your bones will grow stronger.

We are researching improving the front entrance to the neighborhood

A neighbor attended a recent board meeting and suggested we add lighting to the front entryway signs or "monuments". In the past attempt was made to install cheap solar powered lights so people could see the name of the neighborhood at night, but the lights just don't hold up. The neighbor requested we install a better system. It turns out many neighbors agree with this suggestion. We are investigating how to install landscape lighting to not only improve visibiity and the beauty of our front entrance, but enhance neighborhood safety.

Heavy Equipment Noise / Tree Felling on Western Border of McKenzie

Neighbors may have heard noises over the last few days from heavy equipment, including brush and tree clearing bobcats. As most of you know, the major north/south national gas pipeline runs underground along the boundary between McKenzie and Hopson Downs. A 25 foot boundary to either side of the pipeline must be maintained and this is routine mainenance that occurs every few years. The tree clearing will slightly affect the side of the protected floodplane on the Hopson Downs side.

Vandalism on Duck Landing

On Friday June 23, neighbors reported a house on Duck Landing had its driveway, yard and house egged. There was no damage. Again, keep an eye out for suspicious people out at night.


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