Kornerstone/Diana Arrested/Charged

Diana Kelly was arrested Tuesday, charged, and released on bond. She is scheduled to be arraigned at the Wake County Courthouse on January 17. There she will have the opportunity to plead guilty or ask for a jury trial. The board intends to maintain contact with the authorities and appear in court if requested. More information is available at the following links

WRAL Story

News & Observer Story

Please send all ARC requests and report any covenant violations to the board

While we continue to self-manage the HOA, please remember to send any ARC requests or suspected covenant violations to the board and NOT Kornerstone management as they are no longer in business. You can use the forms here on the web page or send emails directly to:

Kornerstone Aug 17, 2016

The police have informed us that the investigation will take some time. The board is taking steps to handle our financial obligations until such time as we find out the status of our bank accounts. The police have involved the SBI and the AG's office to help resolve the case. The good news is that our insurance is paid up until September and we never lost coverage. This really was the only critical issue we were worried about. Our vendors are working with us to maintain services while we work through this.

Kornerstone HOA management company closes

Dear McKenzie homeowners:

The board has found out this week that our management company,Kornerstone, has closed permanently. Presently, the Garner Police dept. is conducting an investigation into allegations of missing funds from various HOA's accounts in the area. As a board, we will keep you up to date on this situation as it impacts McKenzie. We appreciate your patience as we work through this. Thank you,The Board

Water service restored

There was a power outage on Piney Grove Wilbon that affected about 50 customers. Unfortunately, Duke Energy failed to account for the fact that there are water pumps for two neighborhoods on that line. So there were many more people who did not have water because of the power outage. Duke Energy reports that the power went back up at 11:35am on Sunday.

Neighborhood Yard Sale Saturday at 9am

Some neighbors are planning a yard sale this coming weekend. Please join us to spread the word and also join us by driving the neighborhood to visit each house participating in the sale. Event begins at 9am


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