This is the website for the homeowners in the Mckenzie subdivision in Holly Springs, your one-stop portal to the neighborhood and the Holly Springs / Fuquay-Varina area.  Thanks for tuning in. Please click on the read more link below to get help on this site and learn all the things you can do here.

2018 HOA Dues

Everyone should be getting a letter in the mail from our new management company, Cedar Management Group.The balance due is $180. This is the official billing statement and it is ok to pay them to the address listed on your invoice or via their website portal. The covenience fee is $9.95 at the web.mycmg.com site, so if you prefer to skip the convenience, you can mail a check. We will have more information at the annual meeting. The correct address is:

McKenzie HOA

c/o Cedar Management Group

P.O. Box 26844

Charlotte, NC 28221

August 2017 Minutes

April 2017 Financials

McKenzie Mailboxes

Many of the mailboxes and posts in the McKenzie Subdivision are rotten and falling over.  The board inspections will be focusing on getting these mailboxes repaired or replaced.  The McKenzie ARC guidelines has the plans for the mailbox posts if you would like to take on the project.   


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