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McKenzie Minute - September 2012 Newsletter

In this issue:

Please note that there is a Women's night this Friday (Sept. 21) and the Fall Festival is October 13 with a rain date of the 14th. Show your neighborhood support and have more fun than you thought you would by just showing up, even if just to say hello and say, "I came, happy now?". You get free food, it will make you smile, and your bones will grow stronger.

McKenzie WingDing get-together tonight!

Just a reminder that we are having a win cook-off and get-together tonight at 6:30pm at the end of McKenzie Drive in the circle. This is a great opportunity to see what our neighborhood social events are about and to talk to your board members if you so desire. Bring a covered dish or desert or just show up and sample the food and say hi. We hope to see you there. More information here:

NOTICE: Heads-up on break-ins

The Wake County Sheriff reported to us today that the car break-ins like we have experienced have continued in Maggie Run. So far theives are breaking into vehicles that are left open and parked in the driveway and in one or two cases, the miscreants have entered a garage through an open side door and gotten into cars parked inside. The items stolen are usually cash and spare change. A wallet was stolen, perhaps for the cash or credit cards inside.

McKenzie Security Alert: Auto break-ins last night / White van luring kids

The Wake County Sherriff was in the neighborhood again Wednesday, May 9. Several open cars were apparently burgled between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning at the back end of McKenzie Drive. We had a similar event several months ago. This time a wallet and cash from one neighber were taken. Please park your cars in the garage or make sure to lock them at night. If you see anything suspicious, please report it to the Wake County Sheriff and send a notice to so we can be on the alert.

McKenzie Minute - April 2012 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • April 27 Board Meeting/Flamingo Get-Together
  • Important notice about required permission for making house or yard changes
  • Ladies night request
  • April Yard of the Month
  • Yard Sale Info
  • Board Member Contact Info
  • Mold/Mildew/Algae issues on homes
  • McKenzie Annual Picnic

Click on the link below to download/view the McKenzie Minute in PDF format.

Reminder: Potluck with Easter Egg Hunt for the kids Saturday March 31

We had a change in schedule and moved the time forward to 5pm for a potluck dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt. We hope you will stop by to say hello, even if you don't stay long or don't have children of egg hunting age. More details on the calendar on the WEB page, You can sign up there to tell us you are coming. If you can, bring something to share.

Saturday, March 31, 2012 at the circle at the end of McKenzie Drive, 5pm.


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