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Notice of Hearing for Southern Wake Academy to add a temporary trailer

Attached is a notice in PDF form that residents were supposed to get in the mail. Southern Wake Academy is asking for a variance to add a temporary trailer to their property. If anyone has tried to drive that street in the mornings or afternoons, you know that cars dropping off and picking up children already block an entire lane of traffic, creating a very dangerous situation. If you have any comments you wish to share, please attend the meeting.

Spring 2014 McKenzie Minute

Attached is your Spring 2014 McKenzie Minute Newsletter. Important information is included about neighborhood events, monthly meetings, our management company, the front entrance area, and more. We hope you will enjoy catching up with what's going on in the neighborhood.

Found: Girl's Cream Colored Glove

We found a girl's/women's cream/off-white glove in the snow on Spence Plantation.There is a small design and brand on the back of the glove.  If anyone can claim the glove, or ask your neighbors who were out walking/playing on Spence Plantation Thursday please email

Another Aqua water price increase! Today is the last day to comment.

Today is the last day to protest yet another rate hike by Aqua North Carolina. As is their usual pattern, they ask for a large increase, often almost 20% and then negotiate using their attorneys to get a still onerous increase. The 19% increase would raise the average bill by $200 a year. They are currently trying to get about 7% in a compromise worked out with the commission staff, many of whom used to work for utilities. That would mean on average another $3.00 a month for all of us.

Annual meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday, January 15th at 6:30pm

There was a typo in the heading, but the body of the email announcment. I apologize for sending another email, but just want to be sure everyone knows the meeting is Wednesday, January 15th! Thank you!

Fred Decker

McKenzie HOA

Annual Meeting Wed. Jan. 15 - Elections, Refreshements and Prizes! prize anyway. Read on.

The 2014 Annual Meeting of the McKenzie Homeowner's Association will be held this Wednesday, Jan 15. We will be providing appetizers/snacks, drinks, coffee, and a gift certificate for one lucky attendee towards a meal at a local restaurant. We want to encourage everyone to attend the meeting. Please return your proxies or give them to someone to bring to the meeting if you cannot attend.


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