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August 2017 Minutes

McKenzie Mailboxes

Many of the mailboxes and posts in the McKenzie Subdivision are rotten and falling over.  The board inspections will be focusing on getting these mailboxes repaired or replaced.  The McKenzie ARC guidelines has the plans for the mailbox posts if you would like to take on the project.   

Neighborhood Yard Sale Saturday at 9am

Some neighbors are planning a yard sale this coming weekend. Please join us to spread the word and also join us by driving the neighborhood to visit each house participating in the sale. Event begins at 9am

NOTICE: Warning about notice circulating the neighborhood

Invitations have been spreading through the mail and email advertising a website called or Nextdoor McKenzie. This company gives the false impression that their site is somehow authorized by or associated with the McKenzie HOA. McKenzie has it's own website that already has a forum for neighbors to communicate, create postings for local resources, and the ability to post notices, events and articles and send out emails to the entire neighborhood. Posting to multiple websites could lead to confusion in the neighborhood.

Aqua Water Problems Again

At least four homes on Olde Mckenzie are experiencing brown water again so we are sending out this notice to warn those about to wash their whites or get a glass of water out of the tap. If you see dirty water, you may call Aqua at 877-987-2782. You can comment here at the bottom of this article on the website (link below for those reading the email version) and share your experience with the water or Aqua customer service.

McKenzie Picnic Sunday Reminder - Rain or Shine!

Yes, the picnic is still on! We can move things indoors if we need to, but looks like the rain in our area is over for a while. So join us at the McKenzie picnic this Sunday at 4pm. We have had quite a few RSVPs and it isn't too late to tell us you are coming by using the Evite site here:

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