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Report a Covenant Violation

Before submitting this form, please verify that your issue is in violation of community covenants. Refer to the the legal documents in our document download section.

Please use this form to report a covenant violation. Be sure to give us as much information as possible so we can investigate the issue and follow up properly with you.

In general, the violation process follows these steps which can be ceased at any point by the homeowner coming into compliance:

  1. Courtesy notice of violation
  2. Second notice of violation
  3. Notice of due process hearing
  4. Fines or HOA ordered solutions billed to the property owner.

Any remedies granted the HOA become a lien on the property and can result in foreclosure

NOTE: All information submitted is confidential. Only your board members will see this report. We only ask for your contact information in order to follow up with you if you desire a response.

By submitting this report you agree that:

  • Anonymous reports are not accepted
  • You have verified that this is actually a violation of the covenants
  • You have verified you are reporting the correct address
  • Any police matters or animal control issues will be reported to the proper authorities and not the HOA