NOTICE: $100 fine for making architectural changes without prior approval

DATE: August 8, 2012
SUBJECT: Minimum $100 fine for making an architectural change without prior approval
Article XVI of your McKenzie Declaration of Covenants provides that prior to making any modifications or improvements to your home, you must obtain approval from the Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”).  Unfortunately, some homeowners within the community have made changes to their home without the prior approval of the ARC.
This notice is sent to everyone in the community to remind them of the prior approval requirement, and to give notice that upon any apparent violation of the prior approval requirement, the Association will take appropriate enforcement action against the apparent violator, which will include conducting a hearing at which the Board will consider whether there has been a violation, and whether, if there has been a violation, fines should be imposed or other action taken.  If a violation is found, North Carolina General Statutes 47F-3-107.1 gives the Association the power to fine any homeowner the sum of $100.00 for the violation, and $100 per day for every day beyond the fifth day after notice of the Board’s decision is given, that the violation remains unresolved.
If you have made an unapproved change, you could be liable for the initial fine of $100.00 and then, after 5 days,  an additional $100 per day for every day until your property is restored to its condition prior to the unapproved change.
The McKenzie Protective Covenants and Architectural Guidelines are on our website at this link along with an on-line form to complete your Architectural Change Request found here.  Alternately, you may download a printable form and submit it via mail to Tina Batts at Sentry Management. You can find some more information in the FAQ section.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  Please do not hesitate to contact Sentry Management or any Board member if you have any questions regarding this notice and the new Architecture Review policy regarding fines. 

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Thursday, August 8, 2013