Armed robbery in Hopson Downs - Anyone see anything? Be extra vigilant

On Wednesday night, September 25th at about 9pm, a woman living in Hopson Downs was accosted as she got out of her car to enter her home. A person dressed all in black, with gloves and a black ski mask with white markings pointed a handgun at her and stole her purse and cell phone.

If anyone saw anything unusual, someone running, a strange car, security camera footage, anything that could provide clues that can help solve this crime, please report them to Detective Blackwell at 919-856-6072.

Hopson Downs is the next neighborhood to the west and adjoins ours. Someone could easily run through the woods that separate our two neighborhoods so one of us might have seen or heard something. This is probably just an isolated incident, but the sherriff is recommending that we take extra precautions to be aware of our surroundings until this person is apprehended.

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Friday, September 27, 2013