Another Aqua water price increase! Today is the last day to comment.

Today is the last day to protest yet another rate hike by Aqua North Carolina. As is their usual pattern, they ask for a large increase, often almost 20% and then negotiate using their attorneys to get a still onerous increase. The 19% increase would raise the average bill by $200 a year. They are currently trying to get about 7% in a compromise worked out with the commission staff, many of whom used to work for utilities. That would mean on average another $3.00 a month for all of us.

You have one last chance to call, write, fax, email or attend the hearing today at 1:30pm. Here is the information:

WHEN: Monday January 27, 1:30pm

WHERE: Dobbs Building, 430 N. Salisbury Street in downtown Raleigh

WHAT: Docket W-218 Sub 363, Aqua Rate Increase

If you are near downtown today and can stop by great, if not, please email or call the NC Utilities commission to complain. You MUST include the docket number or they will ignore the request.

You can email here today if you can't attend the hearing:

CC the complaint department at

Subject: Docket W-218 Sub 363 - Aqua Rate Increase

Your statement opposing Aqua should be brief and list your objection to their rate increase and your reasons why they don't deserve it. Here is some more contact information:

North Carolina Utilities Commission

4325 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC  27699-4325


You should note that the system is stacked with former utility emploees and lawyers. The woman who led our utilities commission for 10 years is the Attorney in NC for Aqua fighting for all these rate increases. Also, many of the appointees on our commisions, either as commissioners, directors or attorneys, were former employees or even in one case the President of a utility like the ones they are supposed to be regulating. There is a petition to get our legislatures to prevent this practice.

You can find a Facebook page fighting Aqua here:

Do a Google search on "Aqua rate increase" to find all of the other organizations and web pages fighting Aqua and a wealth of articles providing more information.

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Monday, January 27, 2014