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Forum for Aqua water issues

For those of you who are active on Facebook, there is a new group that is going to atempt to get some action on water quality/appearance issues that have plagued a number of Wake County subdiisions for a number of years now.  If you are CURRENTLY experiencing issues, I invite you to join this group to make your voice heard.  The name of the group is Aqua Concerns of Wake County and this is this site:

I am the volunteer McKenzie representative for any homeowner who would like to participate, but is not a Facebook member.  You can reach me at

Our intent is to compile information from as many Wake County subdivisions who have Aqua as their water provider as we can, and will then collectively present the complaints to the appropriate agencies in hopes of getting action for all of us. 

I hope that all of you who currently have issues will contact me, or become an active participant on Facebook.  We can't guarantee that we will win this battle, but we will do our best to fight the fight for all of us.

Chris Jones                                                                                                                                                                                                                   5536 Spence Plantation Lane