How can I get a email address?

Any McKenzie resident can have a email address. If you or anyone in your household would like an address, please send an email to You can send the message by sending a private message (PM) right here on the website to the admin or click on the link above to use your email client. Please provide the following information:

1. Names of all the people you want email addresses for

2. The email names you would like to create (ex. john.smith, happyneighbor, etc)

Once we receive your request, we will create the email accounts and give you a temporary password and instructions on how to change your password and start using your new email account. Most people will want to use the "webmail" version of mckenzie mail. You use a web browser to check your email from anywhere. However, we also support both POP3 and SMTP email if you want to add your account to your own email client like Outlook or Thunderbird.