The beaver is gone

I am the resident who reported beaver damage to our poplar tree. I posted a comment on the website and received a response within hours from a Board member, Fred Decker. He contacted other Board members and they began to discuss the matter. Fred called and emailed me throughout the proceedings, keeping me in the loop about what was being discussed and what decisions the Board had made.

The whole matter couldn't have been handled better. I want to personally thank all the Board members for handling the matter so expeditiously. I especially thank Fred for following through, to the point of himself trapping the beaver! I am especially appreciative because our Board members volunteer their time and energy. I'm sure they all have busy lives and yet they give of themselves without thought of remuneration. Thank you very much. We have a super bunch of guys and gals on our Board, and we are fortunate to have all of you.

Bill Day

Highland Brooke Way resident