Pond Level Down, Issue repaired

For the second time, we believe that vandals have undone work that was done to repair the large pond. The pond level is about a foot or so lower than we would like and we have taken steps to remedy the situation.   <-- click "read more" below for the rest of the story -->

Over the last few months, we have had BMP East repair the pond by installing a new outlet system. A trench was cut into the top of the dam and a new pipe installed. The pipe is visible in the middle of the dam in the water as an upside-down trap. The old "candy cane" trap is still visible a little further out into the water. This new trap is designed to moderate the level of the pond and keep it from going above the TOP of the pipe. Any excess water drains out a currogated tube out the back of the dam. The emergency spillway at the west end of the dam that is lined with riprap (a liner and rocks) can drain any water that exceeds what the pipe can drain. This should seldom if ever be needed, but in the case of something like a Hurricane or other such deluge, water would be safely directed into a ravine back behind that part of the dam.

Twice now, the rubber plug that closes the old outlet has been displaced. Due to the design of the plug and evidence at the scene, we believe vandals (probably kids) are removing the plug. A significant amount of water can drain out the old pipe which exits at the bottom of the dam. We ask that neighbors near the pond watch for kids who may be playing at the pond, especially in the woods at the base of the dam near the original outlet. In addition, be aware of any sharp, loud noises that could come from that area that might sound like a gun, fireworks or an explosion. Please report them to the board and call the Wake County Sherriff.

We have repaired the old outlet pipe for the third time. There is a new plug installed and we have encased the entire thing in concrete. This is intended to be a permanent fix. In an emergency, we can still remove the concrete, but it should be enough of a deterrent for vandals from draining water from the pond and costing us further repairs.