Kornerstone Aug 17, 2016

The police have informed us that the investigation will take some time. The board is taking steps to handle our financial obligations until such time as we find out the status of our bank accounts. The police have involved the SBI and the AG's office to help resolve the case. The good news is that our insurance is paid up until September and we never lost coverage. This really was the only critical issue we were worried about. Our vendors are working with us to maintain services while we work through this.

The board will hold a neighborhood meeting after it meets with the Garner police department. This is certainly an inconvenience, but we will be able to recover quickly and the board will handle the responsibilities of self management until we build up cash reserves. Other than dealing with alleged theft, things will continue to run smoothly in McKenzie. We realize that a lot of you have questions and we will try to answer them once we have more information. Thank you for your patience!