Beaver Damage Found Around the Big Pond

No, these aren't our trees, but an example of one of the types of damage that can occur from Beaver. A resident used our website to report damage to one of their prized poplar trees (a favorite food of Beaver). Be on the lookout for damage on your property or around the pond. Several saplings have been cut, leaving only the stumps. The HOA is working with residents to remove the Beaver before any more damage occurs.

Be aware that the unique area in which we live, surrounded by hundreds of ponds and many feeder streams, is prime habitat, for our largest rodent.  The influx of Beaver that has become a problem for many neighborhoods. Once on the verge of extinction from overhunting, Beaver have made such a comeback, some might say "infestation", that rules were relaxed in the 1990s to aid in hunting, trapping and otherwise removing Beaver. A check with local wildlife companies revealed that there is quite a population all up and down Piney Grove Wilbon and Highway 55.

We have to remove the Beaver not just because of the devastation he could wreak on the tree population around the pond and neighboring yards and forest, but the possible undermining of the dam that maintains the pond or backing up waters that could flood yards.

The Beaver should be removed by November 8. We will keep a watch on the pond to make sure that there is only one Beaver. If you see a Beaver after that date, please use the contact form to send email to the HOA Board.