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Architectural Change Request

NOTE: You can NOT start construction until you have received HOA approval.

The Architectural Review Committee has 30 days to consider all requests.

In order to ensure a prompt and sucessful response, please use the following as a checklist. The more complete your submission, the easier it will be for the architectural committee to approve your request without having to come back to you with questions that might cause a delay.

Apply for HOA approval first, then once you recieve it, apply for any building permits. You can simply edit this form to attach copies of the permits or email them to

This form allows you to upload your drawings, diagrams, supporting documents, etc.

  • Complete a separate form submission for each requested change or addition
  • If a change or addition that affects the yard such as an addition, fence, shed, gazeebo, patio, pool, etc, you must attach a plot plan showing the location of the change/addition relative to your house, property lines, easements, other existing structures, fences, etc.
  • If applicable, show any dimensions (lenght, width, height) of the change/addition
  • Describe any and all colors and, if possible, include paint charts
  • Describe any materials used (stone, wood, canvas, brick, glass, etc.)
  • Include any drawings, photos, samples etc. of your change/addition
  • Include any building permits or add them later by editing this form

If you can't provide the supporting items in electronic format, complete the form as best you can and drop paper supporting items off with one of your board members listed here.  Additionally, you can download and print the paper submission form here.