HOA Legal Documents

Files related to the Homeowner's Association such as covenants, architechtural guidelines, etc

Achitectural Change Request Form

NOTE: Try using the online form here instead if at all possible. Otherwise, download this form and email or mail it back using instructions on the form. Before making any architectural change or addition to your property (ex: fence, shed, deck, gazeebo, mailbox, drive addition,etc) , you must fill out the architectural change form and submit it for approval. Be sure to view the architectural guidlines first here.


The McKenzie HOA Bylaws

Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions

This is the list of legally binding restrictive covenants or "deed restrictions" that govern the McKenzie Subdivision.

Architectural Guidlines

This is a list of the guidelines for maintaining compliance with the architectural standards of the community. Be sure to review this document before applying for approval using the Architectural Change Request Form.

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