March 2013

Spring yard sale?

If you look to the right in the side column of this page, you will see a new poll asking if we should organize a neighborhood yard sale. We've had mixed results in the past, but a neighborhood yardsale is where anyone that is interested agrees to hold there sale on the same day. The HOA will help organize advertising, signs, balloons, etc to help drive traffic to our neighborhood. Each houshold will display their goods on their own property, or they can team up with a neighbor. The homes that participate, the more traffic will be generated through the neighborhood.

Should we organize a neighborhood yard sale this spring?

89% (17 votes)
11% (2 votes)
Total votes: 19

Important update regarding the ponds

We had a visit with an engineer this week to conduct an inspection of the ponds and make recommendations for important maintenance. A few years ago another engineering firm inspected the ponds and provided their own study. This visit provides a second opinion as well as an update to see how the condition of the ponds and their dams have changed.