February 2012

Architectural Change Request

NOTE: You can NOT start construction until you have received HOA approval.

The Architectural Review Committee has 30 days to consider all requests.


The McKenzie HOA Bylaws

mail box replacements

Would like to see covenant changed to allow for permanent mailboxes that will not decay (as long as they are white with black mailboxes). I see no sense in replacing our mailbox with exactly what we have now, just to have it rot again in 8 years. Can we take a poll on the website or put flyers in mailboxes to "vote" to change this covenant?

Great Annual Meeting! Thanks to all who attended

Well, in my opinion and that from some of the early input from neighbors who have commented, it seems like the McKenzie Annual HOA meeting was a success. First of all, we have been operating without a voter approved budget for an unacceptable time up to now. We have had trouble getting enough participation and votes to get things officially sanctioned. This meeting was a pleasant change and as a result, we now have an approved budget.

Should we allow homeowner's to park boats on trailers in their driveways?

43% (17 votes)
38% (15 votes)
Only during summer months
20% (8 votes)
Total votes: 40