October 2011

October Board Meeting

The october board meeting will be held at xxx address at xxx time

How can I post an article or event?

Authorized users (McKenzie residents) can post comments and forum topics. If you would like to be able to contribute by writing articles or posting news and events, please email the admin (admin@mckenzihoa.org) and we can add that capability to your privileges.

How do I get my business or service added to the "services" portion of the website?

Well the first thing I could suggest is to volunteer to be one of our contributors to the website. If you did, you could easily add it yourself. Trust me, we've put a lot of time into making the back end of the site that manages everything as easy to use as the front end that you see. If you can click on a menu, you can add a persons service or create an article. You will have to learn proper grammar on your own. If you are interested, send an email to

Aqua Rate Increase Now In Effect!

Per Aqua Customer Service, a rate increase is now in effect for September of this year from Aqua to McKenzie residents.  Our “Customer Charge” is increasing from $15.18 per month per resident to $17.12 per month per resident.  Additionally our usage charges have increased from $4.76 per 1,000 gallons to $5.03 per 1,000 gallons.  See related news article below as to the details of this decision by the NC Utilities Board.

How can I get a mckenzie.org email address?

Any McKenzie resident can have a mckenziehoa.org email address. If you or anyone in your household would like an address, please send an email to admin@mckenziehoa.org. You can send the message by sending a private message (PM) right here on the website to the admin or click on the link above to use your email client. Please provide the following information:

1. Names of all the people you want email addresses for

2. The email names you would like to create (ex. john.smith, happyneighbor, etc)